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Dear Members,

Happy New Year from all of us at CCTC!

The fiber optic cable to the home project that we are undertaking is nearly two thirds complete with respect to the number of customers we are serving.  The contractors will be starting the third phase of the project in north Santa Anna and Lake Coleman.  This will help CCTC to reduce expenses and provide better and much faster broadband speeds to our members/subscribers for many years into the future.  Our customers are using the internet for more and more services such as banking, shopping, and social media to keep in touch with friends, and we are here to provide the fastest speeds possible! 

The regulators continue to make changes to the rules that we operate under in order to receive money from telecommunications industry’s USF Fund, and one of these unpleasant rule changes is adjusting the Basic Rate Floor.  This means that we must raise our base rates to bring them more in line with the rates in the larger metropolitan areas.  You may have noticed this increase on your Nov. 1st billing.  In order to continue to draw USF funds, all rural cooperatives must comply with this rate increase.  Rural cooperatives cannot exist without these funds.  The regulators are trying to move away from the fund for voice services and shift it to broadband services, and we agree, however, they tend to think that these are separate networks.  We use the same fiber optic network for both voice and broadband.  We hope to continue to bring you additional services to offer value for the rates you pay.


Thank you for your continued support to CCTC and we hope 2015 will be our best year yet! 





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